Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
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On  October 1, 2014, part  of  the  museum  collection – 2913 rare  miniature  books  were  included  in  the  Guinness Book of Records..

Museum of Miniature Books

The layout of exposition of the museum and the contents of glass cases

 In the center of the hall – glass cases № 1, 2, 3:

Glass case 1 → Mini books published in Azerbaijan
Museum of Miniature Books
Acquaintance with the museum begins from the miniature books published in Azerbaijan       (1st glass case). These are miniature books depicting the fruitful activities of the outstanding national leader Heydar Aliyev, President Ilham Aliyev, First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva statesman Aziz Aliyev, the most important historical events of independent sovereign Azerbaijan. Here also are widely presented classics of the Azerbaijani literature, men of science and art. These are poets and writers, scientists, public figures – Nizami, Fuzuli, Nasimi, Vagif, Natavan, Mirza Fatali Akhundov, Mirza Shafi Vazeh, Shakhriyar, Samad Vurgun,  Ashiq  Alasgar, Kasumbek Zakir, Mirvarid  Dilbazi, Mirza Ibragimov, Mammad Said Ordubadi, Mir Jalal Pashayev, Zarifa Aliyeva, MirMammad Javadzada, Ahmed Makhmudov, Shafayat Mehdiyev, Ilyas Efendiyev, Elmira Akhundova, composers – Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Gara Garayev, Frangiz Ali-zada, actors and stage directors – Bulbul, Huseyn Seyidzada and Shamsi Badalbayli, artists and musicians – Tahir Salakhov, Rauf Abdullayev, Vagif Mustafazada, Farhad Badalbayli, Ramiz Quliyev, Huseyn Aliyev and etc. Here are also presented: 2 volumes of “Fidel Castro – the leader of the Cuban people” with his autograph, “Farewell letter of Che Guevara to Fidel Castro”, mini books reflecting the official visits of the presidents of Russia: Vladimir Putin and Dmitry  Medvedev , Turkey – Abdullah Gul, Belarus – Aleksandr Lukashenko with an autograph, Switzerland – Micheline Calmy Rey with an autograph; mini books dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the ADR and Azerbaijani deputies in the State Duma of Russia 1906-1917; mini books about the activities of prominent Azerbaijanis Farman Salmanov and Igor Ashurbeyli,  poets and scholars – M.Gorky, S.Yesenin,  R.Kazakova,  A.Sofronov, N.Petryanov-Sokolov, “Azerbaijan is proud”  miniature  book dedicated to “Baku-2015” Ist European Games, verses of the national hero of Cuba Antonio Hererro “From friend to friend”, and others have been shown.
Glass case 2 → Micro books and rarities
Museum of Miniature Books
In the 2nd glass case, there are exhibited micro books and rarities. Particular  interest of  visitors  arous e the micro books publishing “Toppan”, Tokyo: “Flowers of  the  four seasons” in format 0.75×0.75 mm, in which 22 pages, with illustrations of flowers of all seasons, the book uses Japanese, Chinese and Roman characters; 3 of micro books – format 2×2 mm – “Alphabet of Flowers”, “Symbolism of Precious Stones” and “Signs of Zodiac”, 16 pages, one of them – illustrated. Each page – from 50 to 100 characters.

In 1964, in Munich, there were   published   4 micro books with a format of 3.5×3.5 mm: “Olympic Oath”, “Our Father”, “I Love”, “The Bell of Freedom” – the first  two on  the  7 and the two following on 9 the languages, edition of 50 copies, and  in 2000, in Leipzig published  micro «Alphabet» – german alphabet – format 2.0×2.9 mm.

Diverse are the themes of mini books from the “Library-baby”, published in Russia attend of the XIX century.

A.S.Pushkin presented by lifetime editions of “Eugene Onegin” (SPb., 1837) and “Captain’s Daughter” (Moscow, 1900); M.Lermontov – by editions of 1892-1894 years – “Taman”,  “Treasurer”, “Ashyg Garib” (Kiev); I.Krylov – by “Complete fable works with illustrations” (Kharkov, 1894); “An Orphan from Saint Milosz”, on Russian and French (M.,1848).

Originally by format is – 8x9mm “Eugene Onegin”  in 4 volumes publishing “Levsha” (Omsk, Russia).

In London in 1815 on  a high  printing  level  was published “A History of England with Illustrations”; in Paris in 1850 – “Fables” of La Fontaine; in Leipzig in 1907 – “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare; in 1964 – were published “Inauguration Speech of J.F.Kennedy” – in the Netherlands and “Sir Winston Churchill is the Honorable Citizen of the USA” – in Massachusetts.

In 1985,  the Moscow  publishing house “Kniga” surprised  bibliophiles with micro book in format 5×9 mm. “Views of A.Pushkin and M.Gorky about Books” in 5 languages – Russian, English, German, French and Italian, with loupe in general case with the analog of this book in format 29×43 mm.

“Chameleon” by Anton Chekhov in format 15x18mm and “Memoirs of the Mad House” by Fyodor Dostoevsky – 22x30mm. – Each in  two  books in Russian  and  English with  color  portraits  of the authors – established  by  A.Konenkov  in Omsk, Russia. All of the above mentioned and other miniatures.

Glass case 3 → Religious mini books
Museum of Miniature Books
Religious mini book – the Koran, the Gospel, Buddhism, the Torah, “Our Father”, “Ten Commandments” – in the micro and small  formats  exhibited  in a glass case 3.

In the same place also  draw  attention  such  publications  as  Koran of the XVII century, Catholic Prayer Book in the Czech language, New  York,  1887;    4 covers the Gospel, 1907, Moscow; New Testament with color illustrations, London, 1915.; Attracts the attention a facsimile edition of “Correspondence of St. Francis and St. Anne” in a leather bound, in a silver case with chain (25x35mm.), the original was written in Latin in the XVI century, this book is the smallest in the Vatican Library.

 Left from the center – glass cases № 4 – 22:

Glass case 4-5 → Pushkiniana in mini books
Museum of Miniature BooksMuseum of Miniature Books
We would like especially to draw the attention of museum’s visitors on a miniature editions of the works of great Alexander Pushkin. Pushkiniana represented by 350 miniatures issued in    the former USSR, near and far abroad (glass cases 4-5). There are – mini books published in Omsk in format 16×20 mm. and 22×30 mm., St.Petersburg – 12×18 mm., and miniatures, illustrated  by artist  E.Nasibulin. Interesting from the point of view of  the printing – “Poems” by A.S.Pushkin – in a leather bound, published in 1972 by the Moscow publishing house “Khudojestvennaya literatura”; 24-and 14-volume of  Pushkiniana  publishing  N.Bernovoy,  Moscow;   2, 3 and 5-volume  edition of  the works of  the great poet  in Russian and English, published  by  V.Markov  in Dubna.

On the 200th anniversary of the birth of A.S.Pushkin publishers in Moscow and St.Petersburg, Omsk, Tomsk and Perm, Kaliningrad and Yekaterinburg published such great by artistic design  miniature books as “The queen of spades” with  a portrait of the poet works by Palekh craftsmen, “The Letter of Onegin      to Tatyana and the letter of Tatyana to Onegin” bound in birch  bark and a portrait of Pushkin on a wax seal, “Fairly tales”, “Brazen rider”, “Self-portraits” and others. In decoration of  mini book “Eugene Onegin”, published in Yekaterinburg, used flowers, grass and wood from memorial Park Mikhailovskoe.

Glass case 6 → Russian and Soviet literary classics in the mini books
Museum of Miniature Books
In the glass case 6  posted  Russian  and Soviet  classics – 8-volume edition of L.Tolstoy and A.Chekhov, 3-volume edition of  F.Dostoevsky, 2-volume edition of  N.Gogol and  A.Tolstoy, narratives and stories by I.Turgenev and A.Kuprin, “The Master and Margarita” by M.Bulgakov, “Woe from Wit” by A.Griboedov, “Seasons” by M.Prishvin and many other works of Russian and Soviet classics and contemporary. In addition, there is the poem “Farhad and Shirin” by Alisher Navoi, “Rubais” by Omar Khayyam and other no less interesting miniatures.
Glass case 7 → Pre-revolutionary Russia, Moscow, Constitutions of USSR and the Russian Federation, the national anthem of USSR in mini books
Museum of Miniature Books
In the glass case 7 are exhibited books, reflecting the history of pre-revolutionary Russia and narrating about  imperial dynasty of the Romanovs, the royal ministers and others. Attractive  are  5-volume  stories V.Gilyarovsky about Moscow, a series of miniatures – “Honorary Citizens of Moscow”, the Constitution  and  the National  Anthems  of  the  USSR,  of the Soviet Union Republics and of the Russian Federation.
Glass case 8 → The Silver Age of Russian poetry, S.Yesenin, V.Vysotsky and B.Okudzhava in mini books
Museum of Miniature Books
In the glass case 8 Silver Age of Russian poetry are displayed in the elegant design of poems by A.Akhmatova, N.Gumilev, A.Blok, O.Mandelstam, M.Tsvetaeva, I.Severyanin, K.Balmont, etc.; near are  located a mini book with poems by S.Yesenin, B.Pasternak, V.Vysotsky and B.Okudzhava.
Glass case 9 → Mini book published in Leningrad, St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad
Museum of Miniature Books
In the glass case 9 miniature editions of the past and of the present century – from Leningrad, St.Petersburg and Kaliningrad are represented by J.Brodsky and A.Bely, A.Block and F.Dostoevsky, I.Babel and E.Baratynsky, E.Gollerbah “City of Muses”, deluxe edition of “300 Years of St.Petersburg”, “Curious artist” in the facsimile  edition of 1791, in leather bound; D.Harms “Three centuries of wisdom»,  Kalevala”, “Amber tale”, Palindromon” and others.
Glass case 10-11 → World classics in mini books published in the republics of the former USSR and in the Russian Federation
Museum of Miniature BooksMuseum of Miniature Books
In the glass cases 10-11 are exhibited works of foreign classics – Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo’s poetry, W.Shakespeare, J.Verne’s “24 minutes on a hot air balloon”, “Raven” by Edgar Poe, F.Viyon, I.Gete, H.Heine, I.Shiller, R.Burns, D.London, G.Flaubert, A.Kristi, P.Beranzhe, Guy de Maupassant, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Honore de Balzac, illustrated the “1000 and 1 night” in 24-volumes, and many other outstanding classics of world literature, as well as the poetry of the United States, England, Italy, Spain, China, Japan and Mongolia.
Glass case 12 → Mini books published in Sverdlovsk, Western and Eastern Siberia and in the Far East
Museum of Miniature Books
In the glass case 12 attracted the attention mini books published  in  the Urals, Siberia and  the  Far East. Performed at a   high level of printing “The Tales” and “Malachite  Box”  by  P.Bazhov,”  “Yekaterinburg  in  Faces”,   the 4-volume edition of “Magnitka”, 3-volume “Chelyabinsk-250”, the stories by A.Kuprin “Shulamith” and  “The rout” by A.Fadeev, a book of poetry by the decembrists “Boiling courage of high thoughts”, etc.
Glass case 13 → Mini books published in Perm, Russia
Museum of Miniature Books
In the glass case 13 are exhibited miniature books published in Perm, including “Aphorisms” by K.Prutkov – completely hand-written book with a loupe in format 47×55 mm., 3-volume by  V.Mayakovsky, poem “To live is wonderful” by B.Ka­men­sky”, “The Hardened Moment. West-European Porcelain Plasticity of XVIII-XIX Centuries”, 4-volume by M.Prishvin “Seasons”, “The Science of Winning” by A.Suvorov, “White­nights” by Y.Drunina, “Dear name” by  T.Zumankulova etc.
Glass case 14 → Mini books published in the Foundation named after I.Sytin, Moscow
Museum of Miniature Books
In the glass case 14  are posted miniatures from the collection  of  the Moscow Fund by I.D.Sytin. There are highly artistic illustrated editions of the series “Great Commanders of Russia” – A.Suvorov, M.Kutuzov, G.Zhukov; Catherine the Great “To instruction of grandchildren”; from the series “Library of cognitive reading” – “Life, why are you given to us?”, ” Hello unknown young tribe”,    “Zlatoust…”; series  of  mini  books  “Flowers in legends and tales” and others.
Glass case 15 → Mini books published in Arkhangelsk, Omsk, Tomsk and by the magazine "Polygraphia"
Museum of Miniature Books
In the glass case 15 are represented mini books publishers Arkhangelsk, Omsk, Tomsk and the magazine “Polygraphy”(M.): 10-volume  edition  of  the works of M.Zoshchenko, 3-volume edition of A.Chekhov’s “Sakhalin Island”, “Fairy tales” by Saltykov-Shchedrin, “Diaboliad” by M.Bulgakov, stories by Bunin and A.Kuprin, poetry by M.Lermontov, A.Fet, F.Tyutchev, M.Tsvetaeva, A.Vertinsky, E.Baratynsky, V.Khlebnikov, K.Balmont, A.Blok, V.Bryusov, I.Annensky etc.
Glass case 16 → Russian, Soviet classics in mini books publishing "Fiction", Moscow
Museum of Miniature Books
From the exhibited at the left wing of the museum of miniatures particular should be noted books Moscow publishing house “Fiction”. In  the  70s  of  the  last  century  on  a  high  level  of printing were published works by A.Pushkin, M.Lermontov, F.Tyutchev, A.Fet, S.Yesenin,  I.Isakovsky,  M.Sholokhov, M.Sh.Vazeh, M.Jalil, M.F.Ahundov, A.Tvardovsky, R.Gamzatov, K.Simonov, B.Lavrenev and other Russian and Soviet writers, poets (glass case 16).
Glass case 17 → Art in mini books: movies, painting, book illustrations and ex-libris
Museum of Miniature Books
Miniature books on art – film, painting, book illustrations, exlibris – are exhibited in the 17th glass case.

These are – the creative biography of Weiner brothers, actors – Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Willis, L.Fedoseeva-Shukshina, A.Belyavsky, S.Sadalsky, artists – N.Roerich, K.Bryullov, I.Glazunov, A.Shilov, Henri Matisse, Salvador Dali; “Louvre” from the series “Masterpieces from World Museums”; “Image of Pushkin in Exlibris” by V.Bakunenko, “Sherlock Holmes in Exlibris” by U.Batler, Y.Beylinson –  Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Moscow, Leningrad in exlibris; Space and Sports exlibris; “Micro Exlibris” by A.Konenko, Y.Kostyuk and A.Sazonov, “Book signs” from Belgian artist O.I.Van Damme.

Glass case 18 → Mini books published in Rostov-on-Don,Stavropol and Krasnodar regions, in Dagestan, Karachayevo-Cherkessiya and Adygey
Museum of Miniature Books
Miniature  books publishers in Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar and Stavropol regions, Dagestan, Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygea: 3-volume by N.Nekrasov, narratives and stories by M.Sholokhov “Nahalenok”, “Birthmark” and “Destiny of a Man”, poetry by S.Stalsky, G.Tsadasa and H.Andruhaeva, K.Hetagurova “Ossetian Lira”, “Lyric”, “Selected Poems” by M.Lermontov, “Hadji Murat” by A. Tolstoy,”Proverbs” by P.Aliyeva, “Medallions. Sonnets of foreign poets” and others are exhibited in the glass case 18.
Glass case 19 → Mini books published in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, the Upper, Middle and Lower Volga region
Museum of Miniature Books
In the glass case 19 – there are miniature books publishers Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, the Upper, Middle and Lower Volga. Widely are represented works of Mustai Karim, G.Tukay, R.Gamzatov, H.Tufan, Gafuri, H.Taktash, S.Yulaev, R.Tagor, “Moabit Notebook” Musa Jalil,    2-volume “Poets praise Tuva”, stories about “Tula samovar” and “Tula gingerbread”, “Kazan-1000” and others.
Glass case 20 → Mini books published in Ukraine
Museum of Miniature Books
In the glass case 20 are represented the miniature books published in Ukraine – T.Shevchenko “Kobzar”, “Haydamaky”, “Duma, my thoughts,” “Play My Song” by Lesya Ukrainka, “Lyrics” by I.Franko and  mini  books by B.Oleynik, P.Tichina, V.Sosyura and others.
Glass case 21 → Mini book published in Moldova. Mini books auto graphed and dedicated to the founder and creator of the museum of miniature books Z.T.Salakhova
Museum of Miniature Books
In the 21th glass case are demonstrated mini books with autographs and dedications  from prominent politicians, figures of   literature, science and art to collector and creator of this unique museum Zarifa Teymurovna Salakhova, as well as miniature books  published  in  Moldova – “Antique  Moldovan  songs”, “Master Manole”  by V.Alexandri,  a series of  miniature books with poems of  Moldovan poets.
Glass case 22 → Rare mini books for children published in USSR, Russia and Spain
Museum of Miniature Books
In 22nd glass case  are placed children  miniature books published in Russia  in  the 40s  and  90s of  the last century, and rare  mini books  published  in Madrid  in the  middle of  the  XIX century.

In the right wing from the center of the hall, in the glass cases 23-38, are  exhibited  miniatures,  published  in  the  near and  far  abroad.

 Right from the center of the hall – glass cases № 23-39:

Glass case 23 → Mini books published in Belarus
Museum of Miniature Books
Thus, in the 23rd glass case are represented the works of Belarusian writers and poets: Y.Kupala “Zhaleyka”, J.Kolas, V.Bykov, P.Brovka, M.Bogdanovich, Z.Prygodzich and others, as well as, “The Book of Judith” from the book heritage of Francis Skaryna.
Glass case 24 → Mini books published in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland
Museum of Miniature Books
Miniature books published in the Pribaltic republics – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland – in the 24th glass case: “The Man” by E.Mezhelaytis, “Latvian Dines”, “Poems” by Y.Raynis, “Four Journeys” by V.Latsis, “Yaak and Grandfather” by F.Rummo, “Ten Poems” by Yu.Smuul, “Love  and  Psychieya”    by Apuleius, “Twelve” by Blok, “Salomeya” by O.Vilde, “Sonnets” by F.G.Lorka, “Madrigals or Life-giving Drink” by N.Machiavelli, “Sonnets” by F.Petrarka, “Aphorisms” by M.Tven, “Poems” by  Y.Tuvim and  many others.
Glass case 25 → Mini books published in Georgia
Museum of Miniature Books
In the 25th glass case are  presented  The Constitution  of the Republic of Georgia, Shota Rustaveli’s poem “The Knight  in the Panther’s Skin”, the works of Ilia Chavchavadze, Nodar Dumbadze, Dmitry Gulia, Galaktion Tabidze, Irakli Abashidze, Dzhansug Charkviani, Akaki Tsereteli, Nodar Khundadze and  others in miniature format.
Glass case 26 → Mini book published in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey and Iran
Museum of Miniature Books
Miniature editions of the republics of Central Asia – Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan and Turkey and Iran are exhibited in the glass case 26: poem M.Auezov, Furqat, Aini Mukimi, “Edification words” by Abay, “A Cashmere Song”  by Sh.Rashidov, “Rubais” by Z.Babur, poetry by Uzbek poetess Zulfiya, stories “Red Apple” and “Little soldier” by Chingiz Aitmatov, “Selected Lyrics” by S.Seyfulin in format 19×29 mm, poetry by Makhtumkuli, Alimjan, “Living sacrifice” by A.Kahhori etc. There is also 3 volumes of speeches by the founder of the Turkish state Mustafa Kamal Ataturk.
Glass case 27-28 → Children's Literature in miniature books published in Azerbaijan, USA, Spain, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Germany, Italy and others
Museum of Miniature BooksMuseum of Miniature Books
Children’s miniature book is widely represented in the glass case 27-28. Colorfully illustrated poetry by Corneille Chukovsky and Agnes Barto, V.Mayakovsky, fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm in 7 volumes in Russian and English, “The Red Riding Hood” in Russian and Germanin format 23×32 mm. Little books – in the shape of an egg “Chicken Ryaba” in Russian and English, vehicles, toys, various animals and objects call genuine admiration of young museum visitors. There are also beautiful little one of the series – “Little golden book” (USA) and the German “Pixi”, Cuban (11), Greek (12), Czech (8); Venezuelan, Yugoslavian, Russian and Vietnamese, Bulgarian and Italian, Spanish editions for children, as well as a series of children’s tales, published in Baku: “The Red Riding Hood”, “Teremok”, “Turnip”, two poems by Sabir, three Azerbaijani fairy tales (7 mini booklets) and smart booklets “Pink Shoes” by Jose Marti.
Glass case 29 → Sports and Olympic Movement in the mini books
Museum of Miniature Books
Sport and  the  Olympic  movement  are represented in the 29th glass case  with  miniature  books  –  “Ode  to Sports” by  Pierre de Coubertin Moscow publishing house “Fizkultura i Sport”, “Olympic Games 1952-1980”  in  8 volumes, “Olympiad 1984”  by Andrusko Caroli, Yugoslavia; published  in  Baku  –  “Sydney-2000”, 2-volume edition of “Athens-2004” and “Beijing-2008”, “London-2012”, “Rio-2016”, “Islamic Solidarity Games (Baku-2017)”, 10 and 20 years NOC Azerbaijan in Azerbaijani, Russian and English; chess games of A.Karpov, V.Smyslov, G.Kasparov; “Inter Pares” in 2 books in Russian and English, Paul  Keres, Tallinn, Estonia; “The Olympic Oath” in 7 languages, format 15×20 mm, Dubna, Russia, and others.
Glass case 30 → Continents, countries, cities and atlases in mini books. Mini book published in Thailand, Indonesia, Korea
Museum of Miniature Books
In the next glass case 30 exhibited  mini books with colorful color illustrations representing the continents, countries, cities in the world and atlases. In addition, mini books published in Thailand, Indonesia and Korea are located here.
Glass case 31 → Mini book published in Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Egypt
Museum of Miniature Books
Egypt, Colombian, Venezuelan, Argentine, Cuban, Peruvian, Brazilian, Bolivian  miniatures are placed in the glass case 31.
Glass case 32 → Mini book published in Bulgaria, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg and Finland
Museum of Miniature Books
In the 32nd glass case presented miniature books published in Bulgaria, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg and Finland.
Glass case 33 → Mini book published in France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark
Museum of Miniature Books
Mini books of France are exhibited in the next, 33rd glass case. There are “Adventures of a young womanizer in Greece” in 5 volumes published in Paris in 1817. “Sayings of Napoleon”, “Intermezzo” by H.Heine. Paris, end of XIX – early XX centuries in format 25×32 mm. are represented with works of A.Dumas, J.Verne, O.Balzac, Moliere, F.Rable, H.Heine and others. There’s also demonstrated publishing Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Spain and  Portugal, Denmark.
Glass case 34 → Mini book published in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro
Museum of Miniature Books
In the 34th glass case also are represented world classics. This gorgeous miniature books in leather bound publishers in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Montenegro: “Autumn is beautiful in Paris” by E.Adi, “The Golden Bug” by Edgar Poe, “General” by M.Zalka in 2 books, “Listen” by V.Mayakovsky, “Hungarian Painting of the 20th Century”, “Small Graphics” by A.Durer, “Coloured Reproductions of Hungarian Painters of the 19th-20th Centuries”, “A Cashmere Song” by Sh.Rashidov, “Manfred” by D.Bayron, “Road to Parnassus” by M.Servantes, “The Death of Atlantida”  by  A.Tolstoy, “The Black Monk” by A.Chekhov, “Sonnets” by W.Shakespeare, stories and poems by K.Chapek, P.Neruda, Y.Gashek, “Lenin and Prague” and  others.
Glass case 35 → Mini books published in China
Museum of Miniature Books
I would like to draw the attention of visitors of the museum  on the 35th glass case, which exhibited little books-baby of Republic of  China.  As it happened,  while  in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics,  I accidentally met with an amazing married couple Alexander Vladimirovich and Guzel Khanum Ivashchenko. On the first day of our conversation, sI gave them a booklet with the disc of the Museum. This in itself a minor fact prompted them, in my opinion, on a heroic feat. During the 20 days of my staying in Beijing, they almost every day gave me unique in terms of the art of printing, book printing and book graphics miniatures. Their subject matter included: poems of six Chinese dynasties, the statements of the great Chinese philosophers from Confucius, in 48 books, little books in the Chinese   and  English, 12 small volumes  of  poems  of ancient Chinese poets, published in Ji Lin province. The classics of  world literature included the creation of Honore de Balzac, Ernest Hemingway, Victor Hugo, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Alexander Pushkin, colorfully illustrated fairy tales of Andersen and of the Brothers  Grimm,  as well  as other equally wonderful edition of the Chinese masters of art books. In total, this amazing couple days during my staying in Beijing, presented me with a unique instance of the 272 miniatures. But the story of the donation was continued in Baku. Being invited to the anniversary of my brother, they gave me 8 more rare mini books in format 25×35 mm, in box, with granite crest and a loupe.

All of this “unique treasure book”, quite so described this gift Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Azerbaijan Zhang Haizhou.

Glass case 36 → Mini book published in the former GDR and the FRG
Museum of Miniature Books
In the glass case 36 are displaying various topics of Leipzig miniature edition of the former GDR, Munich – Germany, characterized  by  a  high  level printing. These  are  10-volume  edition of “The Decameron” by Boccaccio, 2-volume edition of “Manon Lescaut” by Prevost, “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, “Rubais” by Omar  Khayyam,  “Poems” by Pablo Neruda, “I am telegraphing from  Tokyo”  by  Richard  Sorge, biographies of prominent figures of art and science – F.Gendel, F.Schubert, J.S.Bach,  F.A.Motsart,  F.Chopin,  H.Heine,  A.Shveytser  and others.
Glass case 37 → Mini book published in the United States, England and Canada
Museum of Miniature Books
In the glass case 37 are exhibited 24 volumes of 40-volume complete collection of W.Shakespearein format 50×73 mm, published in 1841 in New York, as well as a complete collection  of  Shakespeare in 40 volumes in format 33×40 mm, published  in London in early of XX century. In the same glass case – 18 miniatures from the series of world classics: O.Balzac, S.Turgenev, A.Dumas, Edgar Po, M.Tven – and other editions of 1903, New York. There are also exhibited here other mini published in England and Canada – “Sonnets” by Robert Burns, works of L.Tolkien etc.
Glass case 38 → Mini book reflecting the stages of the international communist movement, biographies and works of prominent figures of the twentieth century
Museum of Miniature Books
The international communist movement is represented with books in miniature format with works of V.Lenin, reports and orders of J.Stalin (1933-1943), performances, speeches of G.Dimitrov, Mao Tse Tung, I.B.Tito, M.Gorbachev,   T.Zhivkov, Hugo Chavez, biographies of Fidel Castro, L.Brezhnev, Y.Andropov, Programs and Charters of the Communist parties (glass case 38).
Glass case 39 → Exclusive miniatures transmitted by artists of USA as donation to the museum
Museum of Miniature Books
On the 2nd February, 2010 at the Museum took place a presentation of 47 copies of unique miniatures, made by famous American artist, sculptor, graphic artist, and through the Embassy of the USA in Azerbaijan donated to the Museum.

In the same glass case there are unique wooden presses for publishing miniature books donated to the museum by Frank Vesner from Australia.

These exclusive works are represented in the 39th glass case.

Museum of Miniature Books

Visitors to the museum are surprised and always ask the same question: – How do I succeeded in a relatively short period of   time to collect such a large collection?

Firstly, because of my trips to the near and far abroad, where I necessarily came to antique departments antiquarian bookstores and book markets – in London, Berlin, Munich, Brussels, Beijing, Paris, on the banks of the Seine, Havana, Moscow …

Secondly, some mini booksgave by friends, colleagues, collectors,  publishers. The  important  role  played  also  that  in 1985, I myself began publishing miniature books and share with collectors  from  other  regions of the former Soviet Union and abroad. So, in 37 years of work in the community of book lovers I issued 250 mini books devoted to the outstanding politicians, figures odliterature, science, art and sport, not only in Azerbaijan but also in other countries.

Thirdly, there are many books in the collection that were donated by well-known statesmen, public, literary and art figures of our republic and foreign countries. Thus, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan  Mr.Ilham Aliyev and First Vice President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mrs.Mehriban Aliyeva donated the museum rare editions – “Fables” with illustrations  (1894) by I.Krylov, “Writings” (1969) by R.Gamzatov, the book “Poems” (1979) with a red leather cover and a golden portrait of a poet on it by A.S. Pushkin. The book was published in a small edition (1000 copies) and is now a rarity. On August 14, 2017, the princess of Thailand donated 38 miniature books to the museum. There is a book among the mini books dedicated to her father – the king of Thailand written by princess’s handwriting. Books dealing with ambassadors, countries of Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece were donated to the museum. Poetess Rimma Kazakova, People’s Artist of the USSR Zinovy Gerd, People’s Artist of the USSR Orestes Verey, the famous St.Petersburg bard Alexander Dolsky, journalist Oleg Tsyganov,  my brother – the vice-president of the Russian Academy of  Arts Tahir Salakhov and  his  friends  knew  about  my hobby, considered  it  their duty  to  pass  from his personal library   to my collection of mini books donated to them sometime in the different regions of the country and abroad. Our diplomats, my son Tariel and his friends always bring me miniature rarities from foreign trips. Museum visitors give me a book too.

So, a businessman  from Venezuela  at  another visit  to  Baku  gave  the  museum 29 miniature books published in his country and Colombia, and American Michael  Stralow brought and donated to the museum 38 copies  of  the  series  “Little  golden  booklet”. After visiting our museum, Vladimir Shumilin donated 107 books, Afag Hajiyeva donated 18 books from series of “Masterpiece of world literature” and resident of our city Mariya Mughanlinskaya donated 19 books to the museum. Resident of Baku, 6,5 years old Aytan Aliyeva presented 13 books published in English for children to the museum.

I wish to note in particular the following fact: for the 5-year anniversary of the museum – 23 April 2007 – bibliophiles from  St.Petersburg B.V.Suhomlinov and  A.Kushnir presented museum 30 miniatures, 14 of them – handworks of  Boris Valentinovitch, and the rest – novelties of St. Petersburg publishers. The famous bibliophile – A.Rykovanov in connection with my anniversary donated the museum 15 small volumes handmade Pushkiniana in format 12×18 mm.

Australian Frenk Vasner heard about the museum and sent three miniature print media from the valuable tree species to the museum.

Exhibitions of miniature books from my personal collection took place in Ulan Bator (1984), Kabul (1988), Dhaka (1991), Haifa (1994), China (Hirow – 1995, Shanghai – 2010, Beijing – 2011), Russia (Moscow – 1997 and 2000, Nizhnevartovsk – 2018), Sydney (2000), Kiev (2000), Mainz (2003), Ankara (2005), Paris (July and December 1999 and 2006), Saudi Arabia (2007), London (2009), Belarus (Minsk – 2009, 2013, 2015, Polotsk – 2017), Havana (2011 and 2014), and, of course, before the creation of the museum, it were repeatedly held in Baku at the National Library named after M.F. Akhundova.

In connection with the 90th anniversary of the national leader Heydar Aliyev mini exhibition of  books  reflecting his out­standings activities  for  the  benefit of  the  Azerbaijani  people and the People’s  Republic in 2013, passed in February – in Minsk, in May – in Nakhchivan, in March and September – in Baku.

Museum of Miniature Books
The capital of Azerbaijan – Baku is rich in museums of various  profiles. It is a monument of architecture of the XIV century – a  wonderful complex  of the Palace of the Shirvanshahs’, museums  of  Azerbaijan’s  history,  fine  arts, literature  named after Nizami, the Azerbaijani carpet, musical culture of Azerbaijan; – House-museums – of Bulbul, U.Hajibeyov, Niyazi, Kara Karayev, Samad Vurgun, Huseyn Javid, M.Rostropovich and others. Now a worthy place among them holds also. The Museum of miniature books with free entrance.
Director of Museum was appointed daughter of Zarifa Salakhova, Doctor of Arts Suad Mursakulova who is founder of museum and Mrs.Zarifa and her brother Tariyel Salakhov.

By the museum acts the club of interesting meetings, held  presentations of new miniatures, musical and literary evenings, meeting of  pupil  and  students  with  well-known  creative  and scientific intelligentsia  of  the country.

Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books

The Baku Museum of miniature book in cultural centers of various cities of the republic has been exhibited miniature books to familiarize the inhabitants and guests of these cities. So, in Nakhchivan (December 2014) in the Center of Heydar Aliyev, 1172 mini  books were displayed in 14 glass cases, in Ganja (May 2016) – in the city library – in 15 glass cases – 1112 mini books. In the Baku Book Center, in the glass case of the Museum of Miniature Books, 277 mini books are exhibited.

Over the past 17 years the museum was visited by about 570 thousand adults, students, pupil, preschoolers, as well as, 265 thousand foreign guests  and  tourists  of  the  Republic.  In the  books  of  reviews left over 20 thousand responses in prose and verse, which expressed sincere  to Zarifa Salakhova  for  its  amazing, priceless collection, presented for review compatriots and guests of Azerbaijan.

Here are some of them:

Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books
Museum of Miniature Books

"Congratulations with a great event on the day of the" Book of Peace "– April 23 – the opening of the "Palace of the book. "Finally realized your dream, Zarifa. I'm happy with you."

chairman of the executive committee of the International Union of bibliophiles. Moscow (23.04.2002).

Yaroslav Kostyuk

"Dear Zarifa Teymurovna! I admire your collection, for which you have built the Palace of the book. On behalf of the Moscow club of fans miniature books, on behalf of the International Association of mini book lovers I wish you replenish the collection and good luck in finding new rare editions."

Yaroslav Kostyuk,
Moscow (23.04.2002).


"Thank you for the unique and the world's only museum collection of miniature books".

Sincerely, S.Stepashin,
Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of Russia, Chairman of the Russian Book Union" (29.10.2002).

Members of the Government of Moscow

"We were amazed at this unusual museum exhibits – collections of works of world literature. Zarifa khanum is true companion in the world of spirituality, which is lacking in the world and to people."

Members of the Government of Moscow, the signature (15.11.2002).


"... the duty of every Azerbaijani is to support and to promote this rare collection of miniature books from the personal collection of Zarifa khanum..."

chairman of the Union of Writers of Azerbaijan (03.03.2003).

Farhad Badalbayli

"Born in the world fairy tales, myths, but the best museum of Zarifa!"

Farhad Badalbayli,
rector of Baku Music Academy (11.03.2003).

Murad Yagizarov

"Zarifa khanum!!! Excited! Excited! From what I saw in your museum. This unique collection worthy the Nobel Prize."

Sincerely, Murad Yagizarov,
People's Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan." (10.11.2003).

Sergey Yesin

"Distinctly realize that in ours not the most suitable for the culture time, the emergence of this kind, unique in fact the museum is not only selfless of his Fundator, the founder and creator of Mrs.Zarifa khanum, but also the fact of some miracle, and maybe even providence. I see here in the museum not only an extensive collection in his magnitude and intellectual scope, but a new artistic and cultural reality, in front of which you stopin solemn amazement. "

Sergey Yesin,
President of the International Union of book lovers (19.11.2004).

Zhang Xiyun

"In little books I saw a big world and the wide human soul. I thank Zarifa khanum storing a unique treasure of world culture, giving warmth to the world."

Zhang Xiyun,
Ambassador of China to Azerbaijan. (12.03.2004).

Istratov, the Russian ambassador.

"Dear Zarifa khanum.
It's awesome!!!
Your magnificent collection, your devotion to the Book, though to a small, but with a capital letter, should be imitated all over the world.

I remain forever your faithful servant, Istratov, the Russian ambassador. (24.02.2006).

Patrick Hickey

"What an amazing collection, I've never seen anything like this unique".

Patrick Hickey,
President of the European Olympic Committee, Baku. (07.04.2007)

Viktor Karpov

"Amazing museum, full of spirituality, beauty and harmony! Great happiness to give joy to the initiation of cultural treasures, the know ledge accumulated by mankind for centuries! Low bow and heartfelt gratitude to Zarifakhanum for selfless, human warmth! With deep respect."

President of the International Art Fund Viktor Karpov – Academician of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts; editor in chief of "The Tretyakov Gallery" Alexander Rozhin – Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts. Baku. (18.08.2007)

Tatiana Naryshkina

"I am grateful to fate that brought me to a unique place in a unique museum, created by human beings."

Tatiana Naryshkina.
Moscow. (31.08.2007)

Arnold Ruutel

"Dear Zarifa! Thank you - you are the richest woman.
Good luck to you!"

Arnold Ruutel,
President of the Republic of Estonia, 2001-2006. (19.05.2009)

actor Gerard Depardieu.

"Thank you for your love and bravo for this unique collection."

actor Gerard Depardieu.


"Dear Zarifa khanum!
Your Museum – celebration of the soul, the miracle of return to our common roots and the belief that we have common future! Thank you for this wonderful project, it is equally important for people of any age, profession and nationality. Good luck and a lot of new grateful visitors."

head of Russian Cooperation, Special Representative of the President of Russia.

Minister of Internal Affairs

“Dear, Zarifa Teymurovna!
Your creation is worthy of special respect and admiration.I enjoyed visiting the museum. People like you take the world to goodness by understanding the beauty.”

Best regards, Minister of Internal Affairs

Sytin Arkady Viktorovich

“Dear, Zarifa Teymurovna!
I am grateful to you for giving people the joy of communicating with the Book World. I am grateful to you for preserving memories about I.D.Sytin and his books.”

Sytin Arkady Viktorovich
(24.04.2015 )


“Dear, Zarifa Teymurovna!
Thank you for the wonderful work you did. It is may be done just by a benevolent woman who is fascinated at the book, culture and science. Here is felt your love for humanity. God bless you in the name of love, kindness and peace in the world.

With best wishes, the vicar of the Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod and Chernobyl

O.V. Filimonov

After 10 years, I get acquainted with the collection of Miniature Books Museum, which has no analogues in the world. On behalf of Russian publishers, I wish Zarifa Aliyeva, the founder of this museum, cheerfulness and well-being.

Vice President of the Association of Russian Book Publishers,
O.V. Filimonov

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